HTML5 for Beginning Beginners-

HTML5 for Beginning Beginners

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Hours of Content: 2

Are you looking for an efficient introduction into HTML5? Have you tried other HTML5 courses and found them too complex? Do you need just the basics of HTML5 to use with Wordpress or other content management system? Are you looking for an introduction that is truly for beginners?

If you're thinking "Yes! That's me!" then HTML5 for Beginning Beginners is for you. HTML5 isn't just for web developers-- It's part of modern digital literacy and you need to know it yesterday!

This course is designed to be comprehensive and efficient. Using years of HTML5 development experience, we've included the details that are most important to those who work with HTML5 every day-- and we don't get distracted with lots of extras.

This course is great for all types of learners. If you learn best by watching demonstrations, this HTML5 for Beginning Beginners includes dozens of informative videos. If you like a textbook, we've included the full-color edition of HTML5 for Beginning Beginners eBook. If you learn by doing you'll find the seven course activities very helpful.

This course is structured to help you retain all the information covered. We want you to be productive with HTML5 the minute you complete this course. And you will be-- at each individual skill is demonstrated, explained at length in the book and then simulated in the course activity.

HTML5 for Beginning Beginners

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